Parents and the Child Education

The good old adage that says "children are the leaders of tomorrow" is actually an indisputable truth and should not be ignored. As a result of this, children's education should be taken very serious and parents should not leave it up to schools alone. Schools tried their best, but the sole responsibilities lie on the parents, because they are suppose to give the child a head start in life than what is being taught in schools.

Schools are being directed by professional teachers and they can only perform within the dictate of their professional ethics. For example if a child lagged behind in any subject, it is the responsibility of the school to make sure that the child is able to cope with the subject based on the teacher's expertise and the school's approved standard of effective tutoring, anything that falls out this could be considered poor performance. This is to say that, parents should step up and do something to make sure that the child is able meet up and pass any of the difficult subjects - but not going to the school and be harassing the innocent teachers.

Parents can help the schools by encouraging the child to attend extra classes outside of school hours, with the aims of helping to boost the school efforts in the child's education. For example, in the Asian countries, children's education is on their top economic priorities, most students attends extra classes after schools hours and they all tried to learn English, because they know that they are going to have a better chance of securing good job after their education.

But, the attitude of parents towards children's education in some western countries is nothing to write home about. This is due to the advent of technology; students can close from schools to a place of fun or can even get busy by spending the rest of the day chatting with friends - it is not good for a child's future and parents must do something about it.

I am of the opinion that, it has to do with parent's attitudes toward the future. Some decades ago, things have been going smoothly and children did not need to worry about the future, this is due to the solid foundation laid by our founding fathers. But now, the attitudes has changed children education has been completely handed over to teachers and parents have forgotten; that tender motherly love and the soothing fatherly word of a caring father can do spur that child to the next level of educational achievement.

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